These events usually require a lot of glamour and glitz and so we design the audio visual components and staging accordingly. Multi projection systems and/or multi flat screen monitors and/or LCD or LED video walls are often required for video clips, slides and effects footage.

We invariably install specialised sound systems to cater for music, stings, fanfares, sound tracks to video clips, DJ music, bands and entertainers. The use of well designed lighting is essential and we include many varied staging items to complement the mood. Special effects such as smoke, haze, fog, CO2 machines and laser lighting can add so much more to the final event.

We will install and operate one or more of the following types of equipment:

  • Laptops
  • Multi projection systems
  • Multi flat screen monitors
  • LCD or LED video walls
  • Video cameras for relay & recording
  • Powerful full range sound equipment
  • Custom designed sets, stages, trussing and dance floor
  • Generic lighting – parcans, profile spots & follow spots
  • Intelligent lighting with branding gobos
  • Decorative lighting
  • Special effects

Projection onto stretch screen, 2 LCD screens attached to goal post truss, stage structures and decorative & effects lighting

Blue LED up lighting inside DJ console, inside totem trusses (with moving head intelli light on each) and around room. Full range DJ equipment and dance floor

Elaborate stage set made to look like a chic house, large LCD video wall on stand and small LCD screen – generic lighting fixed to overhead square trussing

3 wide format video screens with the backing up lit with blue LED lighting. Stage lighting also flown from overhead trusses.

Car launch with custom designed stage set. Intelligent lighting flown from trussing providing various colour effects including gobo patterns on stage