Conferences generally have a stage area for the presenters and for a panel. The stage area may be incorporated into a set which has one or more built-in projection screens or instead one may have draping behind as a back drop. Lectern(s) are usually used for 1 or more presenters and a large comfort monitor placed in front of the stage so that the presenters and panel can see whats on the projection screens at any time. A large PA/sound system with radio microphones will be installed as well as lighting for the stage area. Video cameras may be used to relay images live onto the screens and to record the proceedings and the footage may be edited thereafter and uploaded onto the internet.
Simultaneous interpretation booths and equipment may also be provided.
There will normally be a secretariat where laptops, printers, large photocopiers are supplied as well as high speed internet access.

We will install and operate one or more of the following types of equipment:

  • Laptops with one or more projectors and screens.
  • Facility for showing holding slides before and between presentations
  • Large stage with set and/or draping and lectern(s)
  • Comfort monitors
  • Cameramen with professional video cameras
  • Large PA system with radio mics and/or delegate multi mic management system
  • Lighting for stage, presenters and banners
  • Laptops, printers & large photocopier in Business Centre
  • Booths & equipment for simultaneous translation

Dual projection, PA system, large stage, lectern and lighting

Comfort (preview) monitor facing panel & presenters on stage.

Projection of presenter onto 2 screens using a live feed from a video camera. Some up lighting on stage

Technician operating sound desk, laptop presentations & lighting

Simultaneous interpretation booths & equipment

Business centre with printers, laptops & photocopier