For typical boardroom meetings, one would normally run data programmes such as powerpoint presentations and/or video clips from a laptop. These would then be projected onto a small screen or displayed on a flat screen monitor. Small sound systems and delegate multi mic management systems may be used for music or speech.These may then be digitally recorded and the recording transcribed if necessary.

We will install and operate one or more of the following types of equipment:

  • Tripod or framed projection screen
  • Data projector and stand
  • Laptop
  • Plasma, LCD or LED screens on stands
  • Delegate multi mic management system
  • Boundary microphones
  • Digital audio recorder
  • Polycom telephone conferencing unit
  • Flipchart, whiteboard & pens

Data feed from laptop to projector which projects onto tripod screen.
Also flipchart, pad & pens

Laptop feed to plasma screen on stand

Delegate multi microphone management system

Digital recording using boundary microphones

Telephone conferencing using a Polycom Soundstation